Zambia Youth Land Project

The YOCUPA project (Youth Cultural Promotion Association) works to alleviate gender and financial inequality in Zambia while protecting indigenous culture. Beck Banda is Director of YOCUPA, which has over a decade of successful experience in a wide variety of projects.

Beck and YOCUPA are partnering with the senior Chieftainess of the Chungu District in the northern province of Zambia to improve access to land for youth. Currently the practice is that the youth can only acquire land through inheritance, after the death of the male parent. But the local leader, senior Chieftainess, has agreed to partner with YOCUPA to shift the paradigm. She will give 21 hectares of land in each of the 377 villages she oversees of Luwingu to youth so that sustainable agricultural production can be developed to address food security.

This project is being launched in 2018 and our initial fundraising target is $10,000 for a project that can help people in 377 villages.

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