How You Can Help

GRACE Cares relies on the generosity and spirit of people who are willing to donate funds or time to our projects. Decide among our many opportunities and let us know how you would like to help.

Volunteer Trips

GRACE Cares welcomes passionate individuals who want to volunteer their time and expertise to any and all of GRACE Care partner projects.  Past volunteers have helped B4 Peace in the studio, traveled to the Dominican Republic with Project Hearts, written grants for Mayan Traditional Medicine and more!

Volunteer Trips are an amazing opportunity for families or small groups to work side by side with developing communities.  Groups travel to a partner community to build, teach and learn. The typical model is to raise funds for a construction, health, education or economic development project then travel to the community to assist with the hands-on implementation. Examples include building homes and school rooms, providing trades or health training and working with community members on their new businesses.


We receive funding from individual and corporate donors, community and school group fundraisers, grants and corporate giving programs. All of our projects require money and volunteers. We have also received donations of necessary items which are often collected through drives.


GRACE Cares has sponsored interns pursuing careers in public health, international development, studio arts and more.  GRACE Cares offers a flexible internship experience and can provide on-site internships or remote based on schedule and availability.

To learn more about volunteering, internships or organizing a fundraiser please contact us at or call 802-254-8084.  It is important to contact us before starting a fundraiser to ensure compliance with our Solicitation Policy.