Watha Project

Project Name: Watha Project
Project Leader: Jefferson Guyo Badiva
Area of Focus: Water Access, Education
Location: Galana Region, Kenya
Partners: Since 2019
Fundraising Goal: $30,000

By developing programs in health care, education, and water access, the Watha Project currently works with the Watha community in Kenya’s Galana Region, Kilifi County, to improve their living environment.

To prevent dangers such as waterborne illness and crocodile attacks, the Watha Project, GRACE Cares, and the Uzima Community Development Organization (UCDO), built boreholes to collect and store safe drinking water. Three boreholes currently serve three villages in the Watha community: Garsemuke, Bombi, and Katana-Hakeye; another three boreholes are scheduled for construction, pending funding.

Donations lead to clean, year-round water access, improvements to education, and food security in the Watha Community of Kilifi County.

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