The Mumbai Project

The Mumbai Project, founded by Salena Pathan, works to improve the educational system of homeless children in India, along with promoting a healthy life. Improvements to the educational and health system can lead to more empowerment, self-esteem, and a brighter future for the upcoming younger generation.

Salena, a daughter of immigrants from Mumbai has decided to partner with the DREAMZ to help them help children in need. In 1996, DREAMZ Home Shelter was founded by Mr. Vijay Karande. The main objective behind the DREAMZ is to provide destitute children a decent and healthy life, simultaneously making them as responsible members of the society. In other words, they are nurtured for living lives as other normal children do. The “DREAMZ” Home was started with the alternative aim to prove as a temporary accommodation to exploited, run-away and destitute children who land up in Mumbai city in search of their daily bread.

Educational Initiative

  • Mumbai Project will provide, through generous donations, the funds for a full time, qualified, English teacher to maintain the curriculum year-round.
  • The project will also fund educational supplies such as books, computers, and backpacks.
  • Salena Pathan travels to India every year to oversee the growth of the project
  • as well as teach the children. The Project Director, Salena Pathan has also started an online
  • indo-western jewelry store, Bazaar Box, to help with the funding of the project!
  • Through generous donations, and the help of GRACE Cares and the Pathan family, the small project will grow into a number of initiatives serving the larger community for homeless children.


The Mumbai Project has an internship program. Interns can either be local, year-round interns or from abroad. Interns from abroad are a limit to 3 each year due to accommodations. Interns can either work remotely on administrative tasks such as teaching or participate as a volunteer. Hindi/Urdu is not required but it is a bonus. Interns must be at least 18 years old. For more information about internship programs feel free to email

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