Haiti Crisis Response

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, GRACE Cares supported two projects in Haiti. The first, in February 2010, was a medical mission that treated nearly 1000 patients over the course of a week. The second was an economic development project to help jump start a community swollen with refugees from Port au Prince.

GRACE Cares works on developing and supporting communities in a variety of ways. One of which is helping to foster sustainable, small-scale, economic development projects. Realizing that Haiti would need long term help, we provided start-up assistance to a group intending to do just that. We provided expertise and a small amount of seed funding to Joe Bernadel, a Haitian and retired US Army Major and director of ReThinkHaiti for an economic development project in Bondeau, Haiti. Learn more about the ongoing work of ReThinkHaiti at www.rethinkhaiti.org.