Al Jania

Al Jania was one of GRACE Cares earliest projects. Funds raised were used to pave the yard of the school in Al Jania, Palestine. The community provided labor and local leaders helped obtain the building materials and supervise construction.

Al Jania is a Palestinian village with about 1,000 inhabitants, 370 of which are children, located to the West of Ramallah. Although not the typical playground one might expect outside a school, it was certainly appreciated. The children now have an area to line-up in the morning as well as a flat area to play soccer.

The excess material from leveling the paved area was used to form a large mound. This mound serves as a platform or stage with the excess asphalt being used as seating for school-wide gatherings. The goals for the soccer field were donated by another school. After paving the school yard, new bathroom facilities were constructed.

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