Kali to Kali

Project Name: Kali to Kali (Village to Village)
Project Leaders: Erick Flores, Hason Khan
Area of Focus: Nutrition, Water Sanitation
Location: Rwanda, Africa
Partners: Since 2016
Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Kali to Kali provides long term, sustained support in public health and education, utilizing local relationships to create a more self-sufficient community. Subsistence farming and access to clean water are fundamental project objectives.

Since 2016, Kali to Kali members have built 8 water tanks and planted more than 100 gardens for subsistence farming in the Kigali district of Rwanda. Over 500 youth and young adults attended skills workshops, improving local employment percentages.

In 2021, Kali to Kali will address the living conditions hampered by COVID-19 within their partnered community by launching a new project that provides health and wellness benefits.

Donations help decrease hunger levels, provide clean water opportunities, and support pandemic relief efforts.