Community Finance Guatemala

Project Name: Community Finance Guatemala
Project Leader: Andrew Becker
Area of Focus: Microfinance
Location: Guatemala, South America
Partners Since 2013
Fundraising Goal: $24,000

Community Finance Guatemala (CFG) educates, trains, and works with indigenous Maya households on how to become more financially stable by creating informal, community savings groups.

Through personal finance education, CFG combats poverty and food shortages in Maya communities. Since its inception, CFG has provided financial education for more than 500 community members and facilitated the creation of 22 savings groups, collectively saving an

estimated 70,000 USD. Local team members have distributed approximately 115,000 USD in loans, accruing group members 18,000 USD in collective interest.

Donations will facilitate the hiring of additional community finance advisors. Furthermore, funds create investment literacy workshops for new groups, training local women on how to create income generating measures, such as artisan craft groups and chicken raising opportunities.

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