Building a Peaceable Community – International Art Event

~Art, Performance, Experience and Transformation~

January 13, 2018- February 4, 2018

Gallery Open Every Day, Noon to 6pm

Presented by B4 Peace Project at The New Orleans Art Center,
satellite gallery of Prospect 4 citywide triennial of contemporary art.

Four Stellar Exhibits

Theresa Devine - I Just Want To Play

Alan Williams Jr - On The Verge

Clint Sleeper - Fix Project

Peter Barnitz - Healing America

Donna Decker - Gong Sistahs

Marlene Donovan - God's Gift

Sara Madandar - My Body is My Home

Ryan Gianelloni - MENSA7

Ruth Barnes - Totem

Raj Bunnag - Cheaper Than Oxy

Philip Gerstein - Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Building Peace

The “Building Peace” exhibit includes accomplished artists from around the world who share their vision of how together WE CAN build a peaceable community.

POW in an Age of Desire

Namaya Art Rat for Peace is showing “POWs in the Age of Desire”.  This exhibit asks – Are we Prisoners of War of the military budget? What is more pornographic – Is it two people making love or is it the trillion dollar military budget?  How do we make informed choices, what is cost of war us as individuals and to our society?

The Deadly Ambiguity of Guns

Are guns toys or tools? Sport or Weapon? Is it truly a civil right or is it a criminal possession? The confusion is lethal. New Orleans artist represent their responses through art that touches our spirit.

What You Say! What I Say!

What you say! What I say!”  is art from the youth in El Aida refugee camp in Palestine. Youth who have grown up in the shadow of the wall. This presentation shares their vision of peace building in painting and photos and acutely reminds us that young people have a voice and they want to be part of the change

Curatorial Team

Gustavo Duque

Gustavo Duque

Guest Curator

Gustavo Duque is an accomplished, award-winning artist with works in public and private collections in Europe, Latin America, and the US. His work on large canvases is described as “magnetic” and his social commitment is clearly demonstrated in his Artist’s Rage series which he created “to express a reality and a wish to create hope for us so we can live without violence and in peace.”

Christine Juran

Christine Juran

Christine Juran is a New Orleans based artists and the Art Director at the New Orleans Art Center. Christina’s paintings are inspired by nature, shapes and the figure. Christina has curated over 10 exhibitions in the past 2.5 years featuring a wide range of art by New Orleans artists and the greater community, in varying stages of their careers.



Namaya is a poet/multimedia artist who, with his team, creates public art projects that focus on the theme of Peace and Social Justice. Namaya Productions art has been exhibited at Peace and Human Rights Centers around the world. Co-Founder, B4 Peace Arts.

Zoe Kopp, PhD

Zoe Kopp, PhD

Zoe Kopp, PhD is a co-founder of B4 Peace which “uses the beauty, vitality and healing power of art to engage people to reflect on peace, human rights,  and social justice.” She has designed and coordinated interactive peace art events in New York, Vermont, and Latin America. Zoe is an integral part of the B4 Peace management and projects.

Thank you to Mark Gonzalez and all of the artists who have participated in this event.

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